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CyH Lab


  • Acquisition of a diverse portfolio through local manufacturing or importation.
  • Purchase of product licensing for commercialization.
  • Manufacturing and selling through formula development agreements and subsequent industrial batch production.
  • Sale of imported products under our own ownership and trademark.
  • Development of own brand.
  • Coded in approximately 90% of HIV IPS, EPS, and logistics operators.
  • All products are currently included in PBS.
We conduct professional research

We cover all aspects
of scientific research


To provide the market with quality, effective, safe, and reliable own-branded medications of global origin for the benefit of patients.


By 2028, CyHLab will be a recognized and trusted brand in various therapeutic areas, with a broad and consolidated portfolio in Colombia and Latin America.


Quality Policy

CyHLab, as an organization that ensures effective and high-quality medications to improve high-impact diseases, commits to maintaining high standards of quality through continuous improvement. We identify the needs, requirements, expectations, and concerns of our employees, users, their families, and the community to achieve their satisfaction.

Quality objectives

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